Dossier is on its way

Late yesterday afternoon we got word from our agency that the dossier looked good and to ship it out first thing this morning! Woohoo!! Of course shipping it out isn’t as easy as it sounds… First we have to get it authenticated at the Secretary of State’s office in Augusta. This involves having each notary’s commission checkes and a seal placed on the document indicating that they are infact a notary public in the state of Maine. Oh, and a $10 PER SEAL fee (I had 29 documents for those keeping track).

But after a long day and a lot of driving, the dossier is in FedEx’ hands! I made the lady at the counter promise to take care of my babies!! We aren’t anywhere near done with paperwork, but the dossier is probably the biggest chunk and it is by far the most important piece.

To all my Christian friends, please, please, please pray that everything moves quickly and smoothly!! I feel a particular urgency this time that I have not felt before. I want my children home and in my arms… Now.

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Dossier DONE (I think)

Our dossier is finally DONE (or at least I THINK it is! Lol! We will see what the agency has to say once they open). It feels SO good to have all that crazy paperwork finished!

On a side note, I looked at the calendar today and we are a full month ahead of where we were with the girls adoption three years ago. Does that mean we will be going to court a full month earlier?! I hope so!! 😀 That being said, God knows best and His timing will be PERFECT. Trying to remind myself that there is nothing last minute in God’s eyes.

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i171h has arrived!

We got our i171h in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!


Receiving our i171h means we have permission from the US government to adopt out two kids! It is also one of the last pieces of paperwork we need in order to send our dossier to Ethiopia! Tomorrow I will sort through all the paperwork and make sure EVERYTHING is in order (can’t get this part wrong!) and then off it goes. Please, please, please pray with us for speedy processing!

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Missing my kids

How can you miss someone you hardly even know?

I was working on a wall of photos going up my stairs today and I had a picture of “L” and “Y” together that my friend Pochi sent. I framed it and hung it and then I was just completely overwhelmed with missing them. I want them here so bad it makes my heart hurt. I don’t know them and I don’t know what it will be like to have them here, but I want to start finding those things out! I can’t post the whole picture, but I can post a piece of it…


ls hand

“L”‘s hand




ys hand


“Y”‘s hand

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This video… SO GOOD!

I just got chills (CHILLS!!) at 3:23 :O OH MY.

I hope this lets you all know how I truly feel about my two littles not yet home :)

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Three days ahead of schedule!

Our fingerprinting appointment at USCIS was scheduled for Monday, but we had to be in Portland this morning at 10am, too. We took the two oldest littles with us today and decided to take a friend’s advice and ask if USCIS would fingerprint us today instead of Monday. God is so good!! In and out in 15 minutes and fingerprints done!  We also had time to grabbed dinner at Asmara before heading home.


It was a GREAT day and a blessing to have this HUGE piece of our adoption requirements out of the way!

Now the wait for the i171h begins…

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I am not great, I am not special

This post has been written and rewritten in my mind a hundred times. For the last eight and a half years every time someone hears that we are adopting/have adopted I have heard them say some variation on “you are such special people!”. It isn’t true. We are not great, we are not special. We struggle, we worry, we question our sanity, we make mistakes, we cry, we do the wrong thing at the wrong time, we are normal human beings who wanted a family. Our family might look different, and we might experience the additions of children differently, but that doesn’t make us somehow better than the next mother or father. Here are a couple examples:

I don’t like to be uncomfortable. I would rather do paperwork than deal with morning sickness. That does not make me special, that makes me a wimp.

I love to travel, I would rather fly halfway around the world to hold my new son or daughter in my arms than drive to the local hospital. That does not make me special, that makes me self indulgent.

I don’t like to be poked and prodded any more than is absolutely necessary. I would rather get a couple vaccinations for foreign travel than endure nine months of doctor visits. That does not make me special, that makes me a wuss.

You get the picture, right?

Another one I hear often is along the lines of “you’re such a blessing to these children!” Well, I hope and pray I can live up to that one, but in reality THEY are the blessing to us, not the other way around. I liken it to receiving a book you have been wanting for a very long time. It arrives and you carefully remove it from its packaging, doing your absolute best not to mar it in any way. You lovingly hold it to your chest and breath in that wonderful new book smell. You wrap your arms around it and vow you will read it the first chance you get. Now think of that book. You do not want the book for what you will give it, but for what it will give you. You do not hold it so that it will feel your hands, but for you to feel its pages. You do not read it for what thoughts you can share, but for what insight it will give you. Wanting a book is different than wanting a child, and my description seems a bit self serving. Of course I WANT to be a blessing to my children just as much as the next mother. I want to care for their needs and train them to be wonderful additions to this world, but at the end of the day MY life is richer and fuller and more blessed because my children were a part of it!

So the next time you feel the need to tell an adoptive parent that they’re special, or great, or a blessing, try this instead: “Your family is very blessed to all be together!” or “It will be such a blessing once you’re all together!” Those words work really well at touching the adoptive parent’s heart (as does “How can I help you out this week?”, but I’ll save that for another post!)

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Biometrics here we come!

Got our biometrics appointment today!! Yay!!





The fingerprinting that has to be done before USCIS can process our i600a is scheduled for Monday, October 29th. We will be very happy to get this next thing out of the way and move one step closer to bringing our kids home!

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USCIS i600a out the door!

Our homestudy arrived in the mail yesterday so our i600a went out today! For those not in the adoption community, the i600a is a petition to the US government to allow us to bring a child into the US and classify them as an immediate relative. If we do not have this we cannot proceed with an adoption in Ethiopia, so it is a BIG DEAL. It includes being fingerprinted at our local USCIS office (in Portland) and an FBI background check. Fun. Hoping for a fast turn around, but this IS the US government we’re talking about, so we’ll see.

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Homestudy officially DONE!

Social worker called today, it is in the mail! WOOHOO!

Next comes USCIS paperwork and the wait for a fingerprinting appointment. Oh PLEASE come quickly! I want my babies!

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