…and the stockings were hung…

Posted by on December 23, 2012

I never know quite where to put our Christmas stocking. We don’t have a fireplace, or a mantle, or a convenient shelf. For a couple years I tied them to our stairs, which looked nice but was very impractical come Christmas Eve. Then this year I found this great idea on Pinterest of making a sign that said “…and the stockings were hung..” with knobs underneath for the stockings! I loved it and made one of my own. It took me forever to find the time to finish it up, but today I finally got it up and hung the stocking on it. As excited as I was to get it up on the wall, it was a little bitter sweet. I painted knobs for “L” and “Y”‘s stocking to hang on and I hung their stocking right alongside ours. However I know that they will still be hanging empty on Christmas morning, waiting for the laughter and squeals of delight of their owners.


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